Your videos - our artwork

This sentence might be better like this: It is a combination of your video along with our unique musical composition that will make the work of art complete.


Capture valuable moments.


Family experiences with your children, exciting holiday experiences, birthdays, the canoe trip with friends or the wedding of a friend  - with your smartphone or other camera, every valuable moment can be captured easily.

The possibilities are endless and easy to implement.


Your Songmotional music video will qualitatively distinguish itself from what is possible with simple automated editing software - we perform a professional editing of your video material and adjust the necessary corrections like color optimization, gamma correction and image stabilization for blurred sequences.


Our goal is to make the most of your videos artistically composed to the detail for your satisfaction.  


We recommend that you make a pre-selection before you provide your video data. Think about which of your captured experiences you enjoy the most.


We can achieve the best quality results by providing uncompressed video material that has been captured in landscape format with good resolution and sufficient illumination. Most of today's smartphones are recording in mp4. or mov. But we also support all other popular file formats. You can send us an example of your video files and we check (for free) if the quality is sufficient.

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