Music compositions

Songmotional consists of a network professionally trained and experienced musicians who master different instruments and musical styles. We have a lot of experience in composing and arranging music for various occasions.


The snapshots of your life are supposed to match with the musical course we compose for you. Every song composed by us is a handmade unique piece. We strive to match the music to your videos to synchronize with your moving images. Our music is uniquely created to match your special moments.


We use our expertise in selecting the mood of the video to match with the instruments that fit with your experiences on your videos. Piano and guitar and bass usually sync up with emotional, personal material with children or family. Gentle electronic beats are also ideal for emotional moments. For romantic footage or action-packed sequences, we would use other instruments and styles such as rock, orchestral arrangements, hip hop or any other instruments that are meaningful to you as the customer.  


If you already have an idea about a suitable style of music, please tell us about your ideas. You can send a recording of your own melody and we can use it as a basis for the piece of music. You can simply whistle, hum or sing in your mobile phone - there is no limit to your creativity. The quality of the recording does not have to be perfect. It is enough for us to get an idea of your imagination and design the music to your preferences.


Listen to selected compositions by our musicians.


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