You will receive your unique music video within 30 days after you have ordered and submitted your video files. We create a 3-4 minute video clip with individually composed music for you, which you can easily play on all devices.


The transmission of your video data will be secured over our password-protected server or alternatively via USB stick / CD / DVD.


As the video material provided by you is sensitive data, we guarantee that we neither publish the data according to the data protection law nor pass it on to third parties.


If you have further questions, please contact us!


What kind of music does Songmotional compose?

In principle, the production of different musical styles is possible. We have the knowledge and experience to create the right sound for your videos. If you already have your own ideas for musical background, we will be happy to take them into consideration. Give us a sample reference track that gives us an idea as to the way you’d like your production to sound. In most cases, this is best way to find your sound. Audio samples and further information about our compositions can be found in Musical Compositions below.

Specify the reference track or describe what you imagine musically


How do I know that the music Songmotional composes is unique?

We guarantee to compose an individual piece of music for your Songmotional music video. The music piece will be registered at the performance rights organization GEMA in Germany and gets an individual title. Get more informations in music compositions


What is the legal position regarding composed music? Can I publish my video on the Internet?

The copyright of the musical piece lies with the composer. You can publish your music video at any time on Facebook or other online platforms if you just provide the source (production:, composed by: name of the composer) and you are not allowed to use the song for commercial reasons. If you want to use a song for commercial purposes, please contact us. A separate contract must be created for this purpose. Further information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.


What kind of videos are recommended for my music video?

For a music video, emotional and action loaded moments are best suited. This could be a holiday, vacation or adventure trips with your children, a canoe trip with friends or your own wedding - there are no limits to your creativity. For example recordings in which your child takes the first steps, feeds the penguins at the zoo, plays soccer with other children, or a child conversing with Grandpa on his lap  - there are unlimited opportunities to record memorable moments.

Tips for capturing video clips with your smartphone you can find in Your Videos


How many GB’s of video files can / should I upload and what do I have to bear in mind for good video clips?

You can upload up to 20 GB of your video data to our secure and password-protected server. The total length of the raw material is limited to 30 minutes. We recommend you to make a pre-selection of some clips. We would be pleased to advise you with that.

We can achieve the best results if you pay attention to a few things while recording your videos: record your videos clips in landscape, sufficient illumination and high resolution. The image quality of popular smartphones is high, and thus in most cases achieves good results. We optimize your videos individually and get the best quality possible. You can find more about video quality, useful tips and suggestions in the category Your videos.


On which devices / systems can the music video be played?

We’ll prepare your music video professionally so that you can watch it in a variety of ways. It is playable on all common devices - smartphone, tablet, computer monitor, TV. We supply the music video in various sizes, which are perfectly matched to the devices mentioned. You'll also get a format that is suitable for publishing to Facebook or other online platforms.


What resolution can I expect from the finished video and what types of file formats will be created?

The data is output is at a maximum of 4k UltraHD (3840x2160). With current smartphones, however, HD 1080 (1920x1080) is the standard. The music video will be in MP4- H.264 format. Note that your source material quality is the basis for the visual quality of the finished music video. You can find out more about the requirements for your video material here


Is there a right of withdrawal?

According to §312g German Civil Code BGB, the music video production is governed by individual decisions made by the consumer and not pre-fabricated by the producers. The music video is adjusted to your personal needs and therefore unique. For these reasons it is excluded from the right of withdrawal. However, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of our work and therefore we offer a musical and / or a visual adaptation (in the sense of a minor improvement) per order.


Can I order more copies of my music video?

You can re-order additional copies of your music video if you have archived the data or make it available to us again. For prices have a look at Offers and prices.